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Andres Reyes

A New Way of Learning...

3 min read

“The Future is Now!”


Technological advancements have caused us to learn in so many different ways.  It seems like pretty soon books will become absolute.  The dull way we learned by having our faces in books will be eventually replaced.  PDF annotations, Twitter/Facebook assignments, YouTube instructional videos, etc. will replace the old fashion way of note taking via paper and pen, research via paperback encyclopedias at local libraries and the good old VCR/DVD player the teachers would roll into class. 


            I for one embrace this technological changing occurring to the way we are expanding our literacy.  Through knowledge comes power, but through shared knowledge comes even greater power!  Technology has always been a way we have “shrunk” the globe in the sense of how we learn and exchange ideas and interests.  The printing press pushed the Bible into many more hands than one could’ve imagined at that time.  People needed to become literate in order to read the actual book and this spawned our interest to continue to read and learn.  Newer technological advancements, like social media, have linked us globally to others with similar interest, hobbies, causes, backgrounds, etc. allowing us to learn more from each other….


But there is a catch…   


            What if, and it’s a big what if, technology fails us?   What if the technology of the world turns on us ala Terminator or Snake Plissken pushes in the code ala Escape from L.A.  (did I mention that I'm all about 80's/90's action films) and we are left with no technology?  What will we do?  Will we revert back to books?  Can we successfully do that as a society? 


      (Skynet takes over in The Terminator)          (Snake Plissken after punching in the code in Escape from L.A.)


            For now, embrace this new way of enhancing our literacy.  Follow hashtags, Google a foreign country, “Like” a Facebook page about a sport you want to learn, make a connection with someone who lives out of your Hometown.... Your State... Your country, even…    Learn a new way of doing something you are already doing…


"Play Mortal Kombat with a friend in Vietnam!!!!"