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Andres Reyes

Construction or Creation? Either/or, just get to work!

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Reflection on Construction and/or Creation of Online Content


            W. Ian O’Byrne answers many questions he asks in his piece on online content creation:  “What does it mean to create/construct online content?” “How is communication in ORC (Online Reading Comprehension) different from creation, or even construction in OCC (Online Content Construction)?”  “How is online creation different than online construction?”   O’Byrne goes into depth explaining and answering these questions. 





            O’Byrne explains his research on construction vs. creation explaining the differences between the two.  He defines creation simply as the act of producing, or causing to exist.  Construction, O’Byrne explains, is the building or assembling of an infrastructure.  In both cases, both require persistent work and rewarded with a sense of pride from this hard work. 





            An understanding of construction and creation needs to be broad enough to allow for change in the future.  O’Byrne believes that viewing online work as construction and more expansive then creation allows for eventuality.  Construction is a process…  Many thinkers and leaders collaborate towards a created product.  These thinkers will ask each other for help and will learn from each other during their creative process… A process that involves emotions, actions and rewards with gratification.  



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