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Andres Reyes

Simulation? Game? Either or... We're learning!

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“I’m Learning… And it’s fun!!!”

            After reading and watching all the recent readings and videos on new literacy and comprehension of media, I can’t but help but reflect on my own learning through modern technology and media sources via the web.  Upon transferring to Southern Connecticut State University from Housatonic Community College, I have had the pleasure in participating in a political science class called International Studies.  This class requires students to participate in an online simulation called “Statecraft”.  International Relations is one of the first classes I have taken (besides ) that actually deals with how I interact with the media and tech; and combines that with how I interact with students in ‘real time’.


(Statecraft World Map)

            Statecraft is a simulated world of multiple countries.  Students are assigned to a country and get to determine its regime type.  From there, students have to act as ‘leaders’ of a country and make diplomatic decisions.  It is a lot fun and it is a definite example of using tech, gaming and media in literary comprehension. 

            Coming from a ‘gamer’ background, I am kind of verse in games like Age of Empires, Command and Conquer and other simulation style games.  This has giving me advantage to some in my class and a sort of leadership position in my country (I am the National Security Advisor; in charge of my country’s military happenings and gathering intelligence on other countries.  I also have to come up with “what-if” scenarios and contingency plans.

(Command & Conquer)

            I can see the combination of “real-world” and simulated play having a tremendous effect in how the other students are earning in class.  The gaming effect of Statecraft makes it seem like it is a game, but gives the students a set of roles and responsibilities in certain positions as leaders of a country.  As quoted from another student in my 'country': “I never play video games or anything, but this is really fun!”


            Statecraft is an awesome example of what was discussed in the Big Thinkers Video of Sasha Barab and the Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture reading.  I recommend any student that needs a political science class as a tier requirement to take International Relations that uses Statecraft, as a class.