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Andres Reyes

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Reflection on It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens by Danah Boyd


            My age truly showed while reading Danah Boyd's It's complicated.  In the reading, Boyd analyzes the tech-social lives of teens.  She tells real-world situations that show the "typical" teenage patterns in social and personal life with the mix of technology.

As, Boyd recalls her own teen years spent online, I couldn't help to evoke my own past memories of teenage tech-life.  I could remember a time a "techsavvy" friend of mine was getting one of those "new lighting fast cable modems" from Optimum Online and changing over from the slow 56k dial up we all had in our own homes.  My teenage social tech-life consisted of America Online (AOL) with one of the original Instant Messaging apps (AIM), playing the original versions of Counter-Strike, and showcasing my high school life on MySpace.

This all was a major part of my teenage social life as well.  You needed to have the latest video game system, needed to be on AIM or AOL, and needed to show yourself on MySpace to your peers.  Online gaming, social networks and social media programs, are in a sense, the new manifested “meeting spots” for the “cool, hip and savvy” teenager.  Boyd shares a similar story about a teenager named Skylar.  

In a sense, Boyd shows how that our enviroments have changed through technological advantages.  But even though the enviroment has changed from actual places; teenagers are still teenagers in the sense of their social interactions.  These social interactions a neccesity for teenagers in order to keep up with pop culture, media and whatever else their peers are finding attractive at the time.  Social media through tech provides a new way teens remain part of the group...

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Link to It's Complicated