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I am a Marine Corps veteran pursuing my career in education. I am currently a student at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU). I am all about positive motivation and helping others achieve their max physical and mental/intellectual potential. I love to think "outside-the-box" and believe in looking at things from different perspectives. I enjoy the many arts of life: music, film, literature, aesthetics in the art of the anatomy and physique (i.e. bodybuilding), etc.

I am always open to learning from experience, whether it be my own or others... Good or bad... We will learn regardless...

Andres Reyes

Blue Bird Chirping

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Twitter Chat Analysis

I experienced my very first Twitter chat the other day.  While perusing around in my newly created Twitter account and utilizing the Tweetdeck application I saw professor McVerry use in class, I was invited by professor McVerry to join the chat that was occurring at 8pm on 23 Sept 15. 

 The Twitter chat was about integrating the arts to help student learning.  The chat consisted of multiple teachers and educators with whom professor McVerry considers to be the thought leaders of the state.  


The chat was organized via the and a google document that depicted some questions the moderator would ask.   The moderator being Amy Traggianese who is co-facilitator of and an elemntary art essentialist amongst other attributes.  She would post one of the questions and the other particpates would answer them.  

It looked something like this:


Many of the participates were very much expert in the dynamic of Twitter chatting.  They knew how to answer each question at lighting fast speed with links to examples, videos, pretty much anything you can imagine.       


            I tried to participate with a "wow! How cool is that!" or an "Awesome!" every now and then. I think even      professor McVerry tried to showcase the Timeline I did for , but I felt like a definite total noob... 

 Storify link to chat